Taliban announces a new government as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Wednesday September 08, 2021 - 02:13:19
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Chief of Army Staff of the Taliban government, Qari Fasihaddin
Chief of Army Staff of the Taliban government, Qari Fasihaddin
Kabul (Diplomat.so) - The Taliban movement announced a mini-government, which it described as the caretaker government, in a press conference held today in Kabul by its spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid , while its emir, Mawlawi Hibatullah AKhundzada, remained in his position as its leader.

Acting Prime Minister of the Taliban government, Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund
 Acting Prime Minister of the Taliban government, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund

The government is composed of a prime minister, two deputy prime ministers, 19 interim ministers, the chief of the intelligence service, and the army commander, which means that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been declared, and the government's emblem, the country's national flag and the national anthem are not known yet.

The ethnic Pashtuns, who have a majority population in Afghanistan, got the majority of the cabinet members, while the Uzbek minority got the second deputy prime minister seat. It is not known what ministerial seats the Turkmen, Tajiks, Hazaras and others will get.

According to media and diplomatic sources, the new formation of the Taliban government has not been completed, and it is expected that the rest of the council's ministers will be announced by other Afghan parties that are semi-loyal to it.

The Taliban used the title "Mawlawi" in their names, which is higher than the title "Mullah" which was held by its founder, Mohammad Omar.

Abdulghani Baradar, the head of the Taliban’s political office, will be the deputy leader while Sirajuddin Haqqani, son of the founder of the Haqqani Network, has been named as interior minister.

Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob, son of Mullah Omar, has been named as defence minister. Hedayatullah Badri will be the acting minister of finance, while Amir Khan Muttaqi, a Taliban negotiator in Doha, was named foreign minister.

The United States of America and Turkey have expressed their unwillingness to rush the recognition of the Taliban government and that they are closely monitoring its actions towards its commitment to human rights and the formation of an inclusive government that includes all components of the Afghan people.

Here is the lineup of the new government announced by the Taliban:
Acting Prime Minister: Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund 
Acting 1st Deputy Prime Minister: Mullah Abdulghani Baradar Akhund
Acting 2nd Deputy Prime Minister: Mullah Abdulsalam Hanafi 
Acting Minister of Justice: Mawlawi Abdulhakim Sharie
Acting Defense Minister: Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid
Acting Foreign Minister: Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi
Acting Minister of Interior: Sirajuddin Haqqani
Acting Finance Minister: Mullah Hedayatullah Badri
Acting Minister of Economy: Qaridin Mohammad Hanif
Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum: Mullah Mohammad Isse Akhund
Acting Minister of Higher Education: Sheikh Abdulbaqi Haqqani
Acting Minister of Education: Sheikh Mawlawi Noorullah Munir 
Acting Minister of Culture and Information: Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwah
Acting Minister of Hajj and Awqaf: Mawlawi Noor Mohammad Saqib
Acting Minister of Islamic Dawah and Guidance: Sheikh Mohammad Khalid 
Acting Minister of Civil Aviation and Transport: Hameedullah AKhundzada
Acting Minister of Communications: Najibullah Haqqani
Acting Minister of Water and Electricity: Mullah Abdullatif Mansour
Acting Minister of Public Works: Mullah Abdulmannan Omari.
Acting Minister of Rural Rehabilitation: Mullah Younus AKhundzada
Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation: Haji Khalilurahman Haqqani
Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs: Mullah Noorallah Nouri

Deputy Ministers
Acting Deputy Minister of Defense: Mullah Mohammad Fadel Akhund
Acting Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai
Acting Deputy Minister of Interior: Mawlawi Nour Jalal
Acting Deputy Minister of the Interior in charge of Narcotics control: Mullah Abdulhaq 
Acting Deputy Minister of Culture and Information: Zabihullah Mujahid

Chiefs of security, the army and the governor of the Central Bank
Chief of Staff of the Army: Qari Fasihaddin
Chief of the General Intelligence Command (National Directorate of Security): Mullah Abdulhaq Wasiq
Chief of staff:MawlawiAhmad Jan Ahmadi
Central Bank Governor: Haji Mohammad Idris
1st Deputy Chief of General Intelligence Command: Mullah Taj Mir Jawad
Deputy Chief of the General Intelligence Command for Administrative Affairs: Mullah Rahmatullah Najeeb

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