Diplomat News Network - is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to publish news in English and Somali.

Diplomat News Network is a specialist online news service, constantly updating on an hourly basis. It is the signature site of global news.

Our news is collated from our own resources, including our own full time journalists, regular contributors, and contracted wire services; localized sources, World class newspapers, government media, press releases, international and regional TV, radio stations, and official bodies.

We provide breaking news on all key topics, and independent services for most key countries and cities in important topics.


Diplomat News Network was founded by the finest senior Somali journalists in May 20, 2014.

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Address: Airport Street, Wadajir District, Benadir region
City: Mogadishu – Somalia
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Use our online Form, or Email: diplomatso@diplomat.so


- Publishing confident news with credible and professional.
- Improve and Increase the level of awareness, understanding , promotion of culture, knowledge, values ​​ of tolerance and humanity.


- Convey the truth, and respect for individual privacy.
- Transparency and commitment to international practices in right sources.
- Commitment of ethics of journalism and Abstain from broadcasting and publishing rumours.
- To forgo plagiarism, slander, defamation and unfounded accusations.
- Abstain from praising violence, terrorism, crime, Tribalism, fanaticism, racism, sexism and intolerance in any form whatever.