High-level STP Strategic Steering Committee meeting launched in Mogadishu

Wednesday December 08, 2021 - 20:20:47
Staff Reporter
Mogadishu (Diplomat.so) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, H.E. Mr. Abdisaid Muse Ali, opened, on Wednesday, the inaugural session of the Strategic Steering Committee (SSC) of the Somali Transitional Plan (STP), which will be concluded in Mogadishu on 9th December.
The meeting, which was attended by all Federal Member States, key Federal Government institutions which includes the Office of the National Security, Office of Prime Minister, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Security, Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, Office of the Chief of Defence Force and Office of the Police Commissioner took stock of the progress made so far and addressed the key priorities for the next quarter.

The meeting, which aims to further solidify and implement the unified national strategic and political vision, presented the opportunity for members to monitor the progress and ensure the delivery of the government’s vision of transferring all security responsibilities from Amisom to the Somali Security Forces. 

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