Dozens were killed in a bombing outside a popular restaurant in Mogadishu

Saturday March 06, 2021 - 00:45:58
Staff Reporter
Mogadishu ( - According to the police spokesperson, at least 10 people were killed and about 30 others were injured this evening as a result of a terrorist bombing of a tricycle cargo rickshaw targeting a "Lul Yemeni" restaurant near the port of Mogadishu.
The explosion, which the Al Shabaab loyal to Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility, shook the Somali capital and targeted this restaurant for the second time within two months, as it is located in the Hamar jajab district and its customers and visitors are Somali youth and citizens of Yemen and Syria.

This horrific attack comes hours after the union of dozens of presidential candidates announced the postponement of an unspecified date for a large demonstration against the outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed "Farmaajo", as they were planning to mobilize it at the monument of the Unknown Soldier Square in the Bondhere district in Mogadishu.

Somalia is currently facing a dangerous political and security situation due to the lack of good efforts with good intentions, a roadmap, or a comprehensive understanding between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States to hold the parliamentary and presidential elections that have missed their scheduled time, as the parliamentary elections were expected to be held in November 2020 and the presidential on February 8, 2021.

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