Ugaas Hassan Ugaas Khalif dies of Covid19 in Mogadishu

Wednesday February 24, 2021 - 01:33:20
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Ugaas Hassan Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble
Ugaas Hassan Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble
Mogadishu ( - Ugaas Hassan Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble, the Chieftain of the Hawadle clan, died this evening after he was infected with the Corona virus, which threatens the lives of many Somalis more than any other.
The late Ugaas Hassan was crowned as the Ugaas position on July 25, 2016 following the death of his brother Abdi.

The Ugaas family has inherited from this position since 1400 AD and implements agendas for reconciliation, peace, coexistence and integration among Somali clans to reject violence and hatred.

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