Second wave of COVID19 hits Somalia badly

Wednesday February 24, 2021 - 19:48:21
Mogadishu ( - Eyewitnesses reported that many Somalis suffer from new symptoms of the emerging coronavirus, which affects most members of the same family, forcing them to receive treatment in the hospital.
Dozens of religious scholars, clan elders and famous singers, in addition to academic teachers, died in Mogadishu this week due to the Covid19 epidemic.

The second wave of the Coronavirus began to spread rapidly in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, on February 5.

In Mogadishu, which embraces those infected with the virus, it had one isolation hospital, which is De Martino Hospital, which uses oxygen cylinders and small ventilations and does not have ventilators, medicine, food, and adequate protective clothing.

The government hospital, which is the only one that treats Corona epidemic patients for free, did not receive support to ensure that patients receive necessary medicines and foods rich in vitamins, but rather visiting their families in the hospital takes a role in spreading the epidemic more deadly, so that the ministries of health and religious affairs did not specify any obligations regarding the funeral, burial and graveyard of the dead.

Hormuud Telecom announced the donation of 1000 oxygen cylinders to Somali local hospitals to deal with the acute crisis of the shortage of artificial respirators.

The Ministry of Health of the Federal Government of Somalia has not announced any decision revealing the emergence of the mutated strain of the Coronavirus, so that wedding halls, study centers, mourning marquees and other gatherings are still open and operating day and night.

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