Israeli Media Exposes Plan to Secure Gaza Strip's Philadelphia Axis

Friday February 02, 2024 - 20:08:25
Staff Reporter
Cairo , Egypt ( - In a recent revelation, Israeli media sources have disclosed Tel Aviv's strategy to seize control of the Philadelphia axis (known as the Salah al-Din axis), situated adjacent to the Egyptian border in the Gaza Strip.
According to a report in Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, discussions regarding this plan were held during the recent visit of the head of Shin Bet to Cairo. The primary objective of this plan is to curb the smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip.

The proposed measures include the installation of advanced technological systems to detect any unauthorized approaches to the Philadelphia axis. Additionally, it is reported that 750 Egyptian police personnel will be stationed on the Egyptian side of the axis to assist in the implementation of these security measures.

Simultaneously, Israel is said to be in negotiations with a Gulf nation regarding funding for the construction of an underground barrier. As part of these discussions, Israel has reportedly committed to refraining from undertaking any military actions in Rafah for the time being.

The report, authored by Smeder Peri, Itamar Eichner, and Tzipi Shmilovitz for Yedioth Ahronoth, highlights Israel's ongoing exploration of alternatives to deploying its own security forces along the Philadelphia axis, a move that Egypt opposes.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that during a recent visit to Cairo by the head of Shin Bet and the head of Military Intelligence (AMAN), a new proposal was discussed. This alternative plan entails the deployment of technological surveillance devices on the Israeli side of the Philadelphia axis to detect any unauthorized movements or attempts to smuggle weapons into Gaza via underground tunnels leading to Sinai.

In the course of these discussions, Israel has reportedly pledged to refrain from conducting military operations in Rafah, considering the presence of approximately one million Palestinian refugees who have relocated to this area from the northern and central regions of the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, it has been confirmed by a senior Egyptian official that Israel has agreed to halt the dissemination of any data pertaining to the relocation of Gaza residents to the Sinai region or canal cities in Egypt with immediate effect.

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