China Accuses US of Provocative Maneuvers in Pacific

Friday January 26, 2024 - 17:53:55
Staff Reporter
Beijing, China ( - In a recent statement, China criticized the United States for what it perceives as provocative military actions in the western Pacific. The accusation follows the passage of an American naval destroyer through the politically sensitive Taiwan Strait.
During a Defense Ministry briefing on Thursday, spokesperson Wu Qian stated that while China values military communication with the United States, it condemns the proximity of US warplanes and warships to Chinese territory as the root cause of tensions.

The USS John Finn's transit through the Taiwan Strait, a 100-mile-wide waterway separating China from Taiwan, sparked controversy. China regards Taiwan as its own territory.

Despite a commitment to resume military communication with the US made during a November meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, tensions persist. Both nations engage in drills and patrols in regional hotspots, including the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea.

The US defends its actions as consistent with international law, emphasizing the right to freedom of navigation.

China's increasing military capabilities in the western Pacific have led to friction with the US, the dominant military power in the region. The US aims to deter potential Chinese aggression towards Taiwan and disputes with neighboring countries like the Philippines.

Last year, clashes between Chinese and Philippine vessels occurred in the South China Sea over territorial disputes. China accuses the Philippines of colluding with external powers to violate its sovereignty.

While recent diplomatic efforts between China and the Philippines aim to ease tensions in the South China Sea, resolution remains challenging. Wu emphasized China's willingness to engage in dialogue but warned of countermeasures if the Philippines pursues its own course.

In conclusion, the issue in the South China Sea is complex, and immediate resolution is unlikely. China advocates for dialogue but asserts its readiness to respond firmly if necessary.

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