Somali President Denies Plans for War with Ethiopia

Monday January 22, 2024 - 13:05:36
Staff Reporter
Cairo ( - President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia affirmed that the country currently has no intentions or plans to engage in a conflict with Ethiopia. Speaking in an interview with Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath channels, Hassan Sheikh clarified, "We have no plans or intention for war with Ethiopia at the present time, but if things change, we will have a reaction then."
Expressing concern over the memorandum of understanding between Ethiopia and the Somaliland Administration, the President labeled it as a "violation of international law and the world order." He criticized Ethiopia, accusing it of proposing recognition for Somaliland Administration in exchange for Somali territory, a move he described as "madness."

Highlighting Somalia's membership in the Arab League, Sheikh Mohamud stated, "Somalia has the right to obtain support to defend itself if there is a need, but so far there is no need for that." He added, "If Ethiopia starts doing other crazy things, Somalia will need support from everywhere."

Addressing his recent visit to Egypt, the President mentioned the opportunities available for the Somali National Forces and ongoing discussions with Cairo. He stated, "There are some officers and other candidates being trained in Egypt."

On the diplomatic front, Sheikh Mohamud asserted, "Ethiopia no longer recognizes Somalia. When you go to a separatist region and agree with it, this means that you do not recognize this country." He emphasized that Somalia is currently operating "within the framework of international law and the international system" and has forwarded a message to the United Nations Security Council to address the issue due to its potential danger and impact on global security.

Concluding the interview, the President claimed that the Ethiopia-Somaliland agreement has become a tool for recruiting children and extremists into the Al-Shabaab movement.

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