Lapid Envisions Post-War Role for Palestinian Authority in Gaza

Friday January 19, 2024 - 19:54:49
Staff Reporter
Tel Aviv ( - Opposition leader Yair Lapid addressed the Israeli public on the state-owned broadcaster Kan, suggesting that the Palestinian Authority could play a significant role in shaping Gaza's future after the ongoing conflict, provided it undergoes substantial reform.
Lapid emphasized the need for the Palestinian Authority to address issues such as incitement and corruption, stating, "If the Palestinian Authority undergoes real reform on the issue of incitement and corruption, its civilian apparatus can be used in some components in Gaza."

However, he cautioned against harboring expectations of a Palestinian state emerging in Gaza following the conclusion of the war. Lapid asserted, "No one believes that a Palestinian state will be created in Gaza."

In addition to discussing regional dynamics, Lapid took the opportunity to criticize Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Accusing Netanyahu of prioritizing political interests over the welfare of Israel, Lapid asserted, "Netanyahu does not care about Israel but rather about his political interests, and he must be replaced quickly."

As tensions persist in the region, Lapid's remarks contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding the role of the Palestinian Authority and the future of Gaza in the aftermath of the conflict.

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