Egypt revamps national water resources plan to counter potential impact of Renaissance Dam

Wednesday January 17, 2024 - 22:17:54
Staff Reporter
Cairo ( - In a proactive move to address potential ramifications of the Renaissance Dam, Egypt has initiated a comprehensive update of its National Water Resources Plan. The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is diligently reviewing procedures to enhance water resources, incorporating strategic measures such as desalination and rationalization of usage.
Dr. Hani Sweilem, the Egyptian Minister of Irrigation, convened with his team on Wednesday to deliberate on the plan's key indicators. The discussions focused on optimizing water productivity, reducing consumption across agricultural, industrial, and domestic sectors, and expanding projects for the reuse of agricultural wastewater, emphasizing the imperative of sustaining underground water resources.

The Ministry's spokesperson highlighted that the Minister explored possibilities for augmenting rainwater harvesting, water desalination, and the judicious extraction of groundwater. Furthermore, the Minister underscored the need to incorporate unconventional water dimensions, particularly emphasizing water reuse and desalination in the updated plan.

In a directive from the Minister, the plan is not only to be revised but also to integrate principles of water governance. This includes enhancing institutional performance, upholding accountability, transparency, justice, and integrity in the operational framework. The overarching goal is to elevate service provision and ensure equitable benefits for all sectors and stakeholders in the realm of water usage.

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