Kenyan President-elect William Ruto will be sworn in next Tuesday

Tuesday September 06, 2022 - 16:51:58
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President-elect William Ruto
President-elect William Ruto
Nairobi ( - Kenyan President-elect William Ruto will be sworn in on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.
This is after the Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a petition by his opponent Raila Odinga, ruling that Ruto was duly elected in the August 9 General Election. 

A series of activities will take place in the next one week ahead of the swearing-in ceremony that will see William Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua assume office of the President and Deputy President respectively. 

As prescribed in article 141 of the Kenyan Constitution the date on which the court renders a decision declaring the election to be valid, is the first Tuesday following seven days after the court gives its verdict.

The swearing in of president-elect William Ruto will take place on Tuesday, September 13. 

The President-elect then assumes office by taking and subscribing the oath of allegiance, and the oath for the execution of the functions of office.

During the ceremony the President-elect shall be sworn in publicly before the Chief Justice or the Deputy Chief Justice if the CJ is absent.

Upon taking the oath, the President shall sign a certificate of inauguration and the outgoing President shall hand over to the President the instruments of power and authority: a sword and the Constitution.

Parliament shall by legislation provide for the procedure and ceremony for the swearing-in of a President-elect. Parliament was mandated to enact legislation to provide for the procedure and ceremony for the swearing-in of a President-elect. 

This is done by the Assumption of the Office of President Committee under the Assumption of the Office of President.

The Committee is expected to:

1. Facilitate the handing over process by the outgoing President to the President-elect

2. Organise for the security of the President-elect.

3. Organize for the necessary facilities and personnel for the President elect.

4. Co-ordinate the briefings of the President-elect by relevant public officers.

5. Facilitate communication between the outgoing President and the President-elect.

6. Prepare the programme and organize for the swearing in ceremony.

7. Carry out any other activity necessary for the performance of its functions under the Act and perform any other function assigned to it under any other written law.

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