Preparatory meetings for the National Consultation Conference begin in Mogadishu

Monday May 17, 2021 - 02:33:36
Staff Reporter
Mogadishu ( - Representatives of the Federal Member States arrived in Mogadishu to prepare for the holding of the National Consultative Conference on the elections on the 20th of this month in Mogadishu between the leaders of the federal government and the FMS, which the Prime Minister called for in early May.
Somali government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moallimuu said the meeting would pave the way for the conference to be held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble Robli.

Moallimuu added: "Preparations are underway for the May 20 conference with the participation of the Somali federal government, Federal Member States and Benadir Regional Administration (BRA), and the organizing committee of the states arrived in Mogadishu today."

Upon his arrival in Mogadishu this evening from Djibouti, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said in a tweet that the date of the conference was still as scheduled.

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