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Somali commando kills masterminds of explosions in Lower Shabelle region

By Najwa Guled
Jan 16th, 2020
Somali National Army (SNA)

Wanlaweyn (Diplomat.so) – The commander of the 16th battalion of the Somali National Army, Ismael Abdimalik, announced his forces’ success today in killing Mohamed Osman Hussein Bolosh, head of the Al shabaab group bombing cell in Lower Shabelle region, who masterminded several bloody terrorist explosions in 2019.

The wanted suspect, Mohamed Bolosh, refused to surrender to be arrested and fired several shots from a Kalashnikov rifle towards the forces that surrounded his house in the town of Wanlaweyn in the Lower Shabelle region, about 10 km from Belidoogle Military Airport, which houses about 150 American soldiers and hundreds of thunderbolt forces with high-level American military training In hunting terrorists and landing on their hideouts through thick ropes of combat helicopters.

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