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Women’s quota in politics: 80 women elected MPs in Morocco’s parliament

By Tajuddin
Oct 12th, 2016
Campaigners for the Moroccan women's quota in politics .

Campaigners for the Moroccan women’s quota in politics .

Rabat, Morocco (Xinhua + DIPLOMAT.SO) – A total of 80 women have been elected as MPs following Friday’s parliamentary elections in Morocco, local media reported on Wednesday.

The Moroccan daily Assabah said 60 women MPs have been elected from the national lists, while another 20 secured their seats after competing in local and youth lists.

While the number of women MPs has increased from 67 to 80, it is still below the aspirations of feminist movement in the country, the source noted.

The PJD led Friday’s polls, securing 125 seats out of 395, whereas its main rival PAM won 102 seats, and the Istiqlal party took 46.

Moroccan PM starts consultations on new cabinet formation

The leader of Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD), Abdelilah Benkirane, will start on Wednesday consultations with political parties to form a new government, local media reported.

King Mohammed VI named Benkirane on Monday as the prime minister for a second term with the task of forming a new government.

“Consultations will be hold with the parties making the current majority,” daily Akhbar Al Yaoum cited Benkirane as saying.

The PJD secured 125 seats out of 395 on Friday’s poll. According to Morocco’s constitution, passed in 2011 after the so-called Arab Spring uprisings, the winning party will lead the coalition government.

The Islamists will continue partnering within the same coalition parties, the National Rally of Independents (RNI) with 35 seats, Popular Movement (MP) with 27 seats, and Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS) with 12 seats.

The re-appointed PM reiterated his willingness “as soon as possible”.

The liberal opposition Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), the PJD’s main rival, won 102 seats, while the Istiqlal party took 46.

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