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OLF and certain Egyptian institutions bent on to prevent the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: President Mulatu Teshome

By Tajuddin
Oct 11th, 2016
President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mulatu Teshome

President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mulatu Teshome

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ( ENA + DIPLOMAT.SO) – President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mulatu Teshome in his opening speech to the joint session of the House of Peoples Representatives and House of Federation urged the need to reinforce efforts to resist anti-peace elements.

Mulatu also said that this struggle should base on the core mission and principle of the constitution.

Currently, there have been tendencies from the side of the youth to join anti-peace elements, which are always working to create disorder in the country, the President said.

The President said that the destruction came because of activities of anti-peace elements in collaboration with countries desirous to see a failed state in Ethiopia.

“Countries displeased with our determination to build a great renaissance dam on our own resource have for a long time conspired with Diaspora extremist to destabilize our country,” he said.

“Unfortunately, by galvanizing misguided youth, they have succeeded in burning and destroying factories vital to our emerging economy,” he said.

The president said the culprit of this massive destruction is the “OLF and certain Egyptian institutions bent on to prevent the construction of the Renaissance Dam,” he added.

Mulatu said that the destruction of factories has nothing to do with the legitimate concerns of the youth.

“By any reckoning, the destruction of industry and intimidation of foreign investors has nothing to do with the legitimate grievance of youth,” said, attaching the violence and destructions are conspiracy by countries and forces, wish to see a disintegrated Ethiopia.

The country needs to widen the political and democratic platforms and provide a legal framework to represent a variety of voices and provide diverse political interests before the next election, President Mulatu Teshome said.

Recalling the last two elections in which the ruling party and its allies won 99.9% and 100% of the seats in the House of People’s Representatives as “free and fair”, the president said “Although, all those seats were won through free and fair periodic elections, the result left the substantial number of votes given to opposition parties unrepresented in the House of Peoples’ Representatives.”

He noted that the effort to build a democratic system needs to give no less attention to directly involve citizens in civil society and engage with intellectuals working in higher educational institutions and different national and international institutions.

“In this regard, the government will continue to build on those platforms that have already been set up. It will also work to expand the options available,” President Mulatu told the joint session of the two Houses that opened today.

There is no doubt that debating platforms and assemblies where ideas important for building a democratic culture can be aired are a critical element of building democracy and democratic system, he added.

Creating an ethical and civic-minded generation is also another issue imperative for building democracy, according to the president.

Mulatu emphasized that active engagement and civic participation of citizens who stand up for their rights and carry out their responsibilities is indispensable for sustainable development in any political community.

As the country is home of diverse societies and interests led by the principle of democratic constitutionalism, there is a natural requirement to build consensus and compromise among the needs of those societies, he concluded.

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