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Eritrea trained anti-peace forces in Ethiopia : Getachew Reda

By Tajuddin
Oct 11th, 2016
Getachew Reda

Getachew Reda

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ( ENA + DIPLOMAT.SO) – The Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) has disclosed that through the nationwide state of emergency, the government plans to calm down violence and pacify the nation.

Getachew Reda, Ethiopia’s communication minister, briefed foreign correspondents based in Addis Ababa today saying the decree was necessitated by the fact that the ordinary measures of enforcement are not sufficiently suited to address the challenges.

“With the emergence of armed gangs here and there, local police who are mostly unarmed find themselves absolutely unable to address the security challenges,” the minister stated.

He said “the kind of threats, attack that we are facing now targeting civilians, critical infrastructure, and investment couldn’t be effectively handled by ordinary law enforcement procedures.”

The decree does not just target halting violent protests, according to Getachew who stressed that: “We are not here trying to control protests through this state of emergency, we are trying to address a coordinated and concerted and orchestrated attack against Ethiopian state itself.”

However, the state of emergency is not an indication of complete breakdown of law and order, the minister assured, saying that there will be cases of suspension as the country is facing a threat which is difficult to be addressed by ordinary measures.

A Command Post chaired by the Prime Minister will address the extraordinary security challenges that cannot be solved by such measures.

Acknowledging the protests as legitimate, Getachew said the government has been doing everything to make sure that those protests are fully addressed through dialogue, party and government decisions.

The government realized that the protests have an expression of legitimate frustration of youth, lack of employment opportunities and governance issues, according to Getachew.

But the violence threatened and created fears among the public and damaged gains in development over the decades.

The Minister’s briefing cited Eretria as a country working behind the chaos, with other countries directly involving in arming, financing and training anti-peace forces.

Responding to impacts of the violence on tourism and investment, he said the two sectors would be greatly assisted by much better security at the moment.

Cuts in internet service will be just temporary as the service will be back on track when it is deemed safe.

The state of emergency is not an absolute ban on civilian way of life as it only gives an opportunity to address the challenges efficiently and effectively, he added.

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