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Ethiopia does not impose a curfew within the state of emergency: Getachew Ambaye

By Tajuddin
Oct 10th, 2016
Attorney General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Getachew Ambaye.

Attorney General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Getachew Ambaye.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ( ENA + DIPLOMAT.SO) – The Office of the Federal Attorney disclosed measures that will be taken during the emergency rule the nation has declared.

In a press conference he gave here today, General Attorney Getachew Ambaye disclosed list of measures to be introduced during the emergency rule.

Getachew said the emergency rule was declared to restore order, ensure safety of the public and stability of the state.

The nature of recent violent demonstrations and conflicts that led to the loss of lives and destruction of properties make the state of emergency crucial, as it is difficult to handle this situation using regular law enforcement, he said.

Getachew said that the current situation disturbed the normal and peaceful movement of people and jeopardize their well being.

As the damage caused by the violent forces has increased, the public has started to question the existence and power of the government, Getachew said.

This situation has made the emergency rule critical, he said.

The state of emergency consists measures to be taken and things prohibited during the emergency rule.

The country doesn’t place under curfew currently, even though the law allows the introduction of a curfew during the emergency rule, Getachew said.

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