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Kenya calls on Al Shabaab recruits to surrender

By Tajuddin
Oct 2nd, 2016
The emir (leader) of Shabaab in Kenya, Ahmed Iman Ali, as shown in a new video.

The emir (leader) of Shabaab in Kenya, Ahmed Iman Ali, as shown in a new video.

Nairobi, Kenya ( Anadolu Agency + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Kenya on Saturday has extended indefinitely the amnesty period offered to youths who are considered to have been lured and radicalized to join the Somalia-based al-Shabaab militant group after being promised financial support.

Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa on Saturday said that government will continue rehabilitating the returnees indefinitely.

Kenya’s Capital FM news quoted Marwa as saying: “Any sympathizer should heed the call and come forward because you cannot fight with the government. That I can confirm to you. You cannot dodge a legitimate government and no action will be taken against you.”

The initial program, which was launched by Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery in March 2015, had expired in May 2015.

In past successful rehabilitation exercises in Kenya, the government found most returnees reported unemployment to be the main reason they decided to join the al-Qaeda affiliate, which offered them financial aid.

According to the Ministry of Interior in Kenya, since March 2015, more than 1,000 youths have surrendered at various police stations all over the country and have gone through the rehabilitation process.

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