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Kenya’s Olympic team leader charged with stealing $250000 in Rio

By Tajuddin
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Sep 29th, 2016
Stephen Soi

Stephen Soi

Nairobi, Kenya (Anadolu Agency + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Kenya’s top Olympics official Wednesday was charged with stealing over $250,000 meant for housing and supplies for the country’s athletes in Brazil.

Along with two other Kenyan Olympics Committee members, Pius Ochieng and Francis Kinyili, Rio Olympics Team Kenya chief Stephen Soi was charged with theft as well as receiving bribes from international sportswear companies.

All three denied the charges in court and were released on cash bail of $2,000 until Oct. 24.

At the summer Rio Olympics, Kenyan athletes complained of being mismanaged, as some missed their flights as they were never booked, while others faced problems with accommodation and sportswear.

Kenya responded by disbanding its Olympics committee over what the government called an “embarrassment.”

Despite the hiccups, Kenyan athletes managed to bring home 13 medals in total: six gold, six silver, and one bronze.

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