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Somalia’s presidential election postponed

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Sep 27th, 2016

Somalia's Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT)

Somalia’s Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT)

Mogadishu,Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Somali Federal Indirect Electoral Commission has issued a new timetable for this year’s general elections after three days of closed door meeting in Mogadishu. The elections will be now automatically delayed one extra month as result of this new timetable. As per the new time table Upper house elections will be held on 10 October, while the lower house ones will conducted on 23 November and the presidential elections to be conducted on 30 of November.

Dispute on how to select delegates, delay of regional states to pass the list of Upper-House candidates to the Commission and financing elections necessitated the timetable changes. Mohamed Iidle Ghedi, lawmaker, said that the selection of delegates has caused dispute within the clans and this led the list of the delegates to delay. “No election is going on as the clans have disputes over the selection of the delegates,” said Ghedi.

Opposition parties have accused the outgoing government for using delay tactic to get more time for campaigning. The international community committed to meet 60 per cent of the budget while Somalia would clear the rest through Federal Government purse and candidates fees. Besides the technical aspects of the elections, security remains a key challenge.

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