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Somalia : Government Activities in week

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Aug 13th, 2016
Foreign Minister Dr. Abdusalam Hadliye Omer accepted copies of the Credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador of the United States of America to Somalia , Stephen M. Schwartz. Mogadishu, August 09, 2016.

Foreign Minister Dr. Abdusalam Hadliye Omer accepted copies of the Credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador of the United States of America to Somalia , Stephen M. Schwartz.
Mogadishu, August 09, 2016.

Mogadishu, Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – the Minister of Information, Mohamed Abdi Hayir ‘Maareeye’, briefed the media on the development and security activities of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in past week.

HE the Minister detailed activities that took place in the past week including: the Cabinet approved the policy on defections; 250 police officers completed training in Baidoa; the Implementing Electoral Committee at the Regional State Level was appointed; the National Leadership Forum appoved the 2016 election timetable; the US Ambassador to Somalia presented his credentials to HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs; Germany continues to provide support to the Somali Security Forces; the local government consultative conference concluded in Baidoa; the SONNA regional office opens in Hiiraan; Abudwak Secondary School opens; the foundations for a school were laid down at Congo in Middle Shabelle Region; and the foundations for Eldibir Secondary School were laid down.

The Cabinet Approved the Policy on Defections

In Mogadishu on August 11th 2016, the cabinet approved the government Defector Policy that will provide a framework for addressing domestic and international terrorist threats. The Minister of Internal Security presented the revised report to the cabinet and, after a lengthy discussion, the policy was officially endorsed. The policy lays out a process to effectively identify, challenge and subsequently overcome violent extremism.

250 Police Officers Completed Training in Baidoa

On August 9th 2016, the Somali Police Commissioner, General Mohamed Hassan Hamud, attended the passing out parade of 250 police officers as they completed their training in Baidoa in Bay region. The officers will operate in the Bakool region of South West State.

Somali Police Commissioner directed the graduating officers to perform their duty of protecting their community with vigour and honesty. He urged them to protect the reputation of the Somali Police Force and to seek out and confront those who sought to exploit or intimidate the Somali people. That is why the Government seeks out community representatives, he explained, in order to build trust and create partnerships for the good of the whole society.

The Implementing Electoral Committee at the Regional State Level was Appointed

HE the Prime Minister of Somalia, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, has appointed the Implementing of Indirect Electoral Committee at the Regional State Level.

The National Leadership Forum Appoved the 2016 Election Timetable

In Mogadishu on August 9th 2016, the National Leadership Forum concluded eight days of discussion.

The conference was chaired by HE the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and was also attended by HE the Prime Minister, H. E. Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, the HE the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Osman Jawari, HE the Deputy Prime Minster, H.E. Mohamed Omar Arte, HE the President of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali-Gaas, HE the President of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe, HE the President of South West State, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, and HE the Deputy President of Galmudug State, Mohamed Hashi Abdi.

The aim of the conferece was to finalise the draft proposal for the implementation of the National Election Process in 2016. After considerable discussion, the leaders agreed on the election dates proposed by the Somali Federal Indirect Election Commission of Somalia.

The election dates were released: the Upper House members will be selected by September 25th; the Lower House, the Parliament, will be elected in between September 25th and October 10th 2016. The Speaker of the House will then be elected on October 25th and the Presidential election will be held on October 30th 2016.

The US Ambassador to Somalia Presented his Credentials to HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs

In Mogadishu on August 9th 2016, the United States Ambassador to Somalia, Stephen M. Schwartz, presented his credentials to HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdisalam Omar Hadliye.

Following his meeting with the Minister, Ambassador Schwartz said that the appointment of an Ambassador to Somalia is a sign of the strong bonds between the two countries, and as the first US Ambassador to Somalia in 25 years, he expressed his pleasure at having the opportunity to help the people of Somalia build a peaceful nation with a stable democratic government.

Germany Continues to Provide Support to the Somali Security Forces

In Mogadishu on August 9th, HE the Minister of Defence, General Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali Dini, met with a delegation from the German Federal Government led by the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for African Countries, Ambassador Georg Schmidt. They discussed the strengthening of the Somali National Army. HE the Minister of Defence acknowledged the continuing commitment of Germany to improving security in Somalia, particularly the transformation of Somali Security Forces.

The Local Government Consultative Conference Concluded in Baidoa

HE the Minister of the Interior and Federalism, Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein ‘Odawa’, has officially concluded the 4 day Local Government Consultative Conference in Baidoa. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Professor Yahye Ali Ibrahim accompanied HE the Minister of the Interioir. The conference established an action plan for reconciliation and also for the establishment of the local authorities. By the end of the conference, a technical committee was set up and the schedules of the reconciliation process and the structure the local government administrations agreed to assist in the development of local administrations around the country.

The participants also agreed to establish a unified monitoring and evaluation centre to support the goals of the agenda conference agenda.

SONNA Regional Office Opens in Hiiraan

On August 10th 2016, the Somali National News Agency (SONNA) has opened an office in the capital of Hiiraan region, Beletweyne, its first office in Beletweyne since the fall of the Somalia central government in early 1990s.

The opening ceremony of the SONNA office was attended by the Regional Commissioner, Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Dabaged, the Director General of the FGS Ministry of Information, Abdirizak Yusuf Ali Bahlawi, the Director of the Somali National News Agency, Abrihaman Sheikh Yusuf Aladala, the Director of Radio Mogadishu, Ahmed Farax Siad Gatamow, and many other notable guests.

Abudwak Secondary School Opens

A new secondary school was opened in Abudwak town. The school’s construction was made possible by funding from both the FGS and USAID. The Deputy Minister of Education, Hamud Ali Hassan, Banadir Education Commissioner, Abdiaziz Nur, the Minister of Education of Galmudug, Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Hassan, the Director of Education of Galmudug State, Ahmed Osman Ali, and many members of the public attended the opening ceremony.

Three students from Abudwak Disrtict were among the top 10 scoring students countrywide in this year’s national examinations. Those three students were each awarded $500, donated by the Somali Diaspora in Chicago, DDF and the Abudwak Airport Committee.

The Foundations for a School were Laid Down at Congo in Middle Shabelle Region

On August 8th 2016 the foundations of a new school were laid down in the Congo neighborhood on the outskirts of Jowhar, the capital of Middle Shabelle. The venture is a local initiative inspired by people from all walks of like. The Chairman of the Congo Neighborhood Association, Ahmed Tifow, commended the construction of the new school. The Acting Regional Governor and Vice Chairman of Reconciliation and Federalism, Abukar Ali Maqan, noted the tremendous effort made by the local community to develop services in the area. The Director General of the Ministry of Ports and Marine Transportation, Mohamed Osman Ali ‘Dhagax tur’, recognised the hardships faced by the people but, in spite of this, the community has nonetheless delivered a very important service that will benefit everyone.

The Foundations for Eldibir Secondary School were Laid Down

On August 6th, 2016, the people of Eldibir in the east of Mudug region laid the foundations of a school with the aim of promoting literacy amongst local residents The construction of Eldibir Secondary School is part of the development program of Galmudug State.

The occasion was attended by officials from the Ministry of Education and the Mudug Regional Administrations of Galmudug State. The Eldibir Neighborhood Chairman, Abdurrahman Sheikh Hassan, noted that the people of the area would now have significant educational opportunities.

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