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SNA pledge to work with AMISOM Commander

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Aug 1st, 2016
Lt. General Osman Noor Soubagleh

Lt. General Osman Noor Soubagleh

Mogadishu, Somalia ( SOMALIAONE.NET) – Senior officials of the Somali government and Somali National Security Forces have pledged to work closely with the newly appointed AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. General Osman Noor Soubagleh, to ensure Al-Shabaab terrorists are defeated and peace is restored.

The officials included Hon. Abdirisak Omar Mohamed, Minister of Internal Security; Major Gen. Mohamed Aden Ahmed, Chief of Defence Forces; Gen. Abdullahi Gafow Mohamud, Director General of National Intelligence Security Agency (NISA) and Maj. Gen. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud, Somali Police Commissioner, among others.

The officials made the pledge at a dinner hosted by AMISOM, yesterday night, to welcome the new Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Soubagleh. The dinner was also attended by the Special Representative of the African Union Commission Chairperson for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira.

Hon. Abdirisak Omar Mohamed, expressed optimism that the Somali National Security Forces and AMISOM forces, under the leadership and guidance of the new Force Commander, would help stabilize and boost security of the country.

“I have worked with Lt. Gen. Soubagleh in the past; he is someone who can make change. We are indeed very fortunate to have Soubagleh appointed as the Force Commander for two reasons. He understands the cultural dynamics of Somali people and speaks the language hence it is easier for Somali National Forces to communicate with him. Even though the responsibility is huge and he has been entrusted with a daunting task, he will do well,” the Minister added.

Major Gen. Mohamed Aden Ahmed concurred with the minister’s sentiments and asked Somali National Forces to work closely with AMISOM to ensure the joint security operations undertaken have a lasting positive impact.

“I urge Somali National Forces who are here and the Force Commander to collaborate together. They should coordinate their work and communicate. The essence of communication is very important, and has to flow both ways,” the CDF observed.

Lt. Gen. Soubagleh, thanked his colleagues, both from the Somali National Security Forces and AMISOM, for the warm welcome, and appealed for joint efforts in fighting Al-Shabaab and ensuring the militants are defeated.

“We must take initiative to fight them in their safe havens. We must isolate them from the population and provide Somali people with security and enable them to rebuild their country. We cannot achieve this alone as AMISOM. We need the Federal Government of Somalia and the Somali National Forces’ support and assistance from our partners. It should be understood that our major objective is to assist Somali National Forces in liberating their country from Al-Shabaab,” the new Force Commander noted.

The SRCC and Head of AMISOM Ambassador thanked the Somali officials for welcoming the new Force Commander, adding it was testament to the close working relationship between Somalia and AMISOM and by extension the African Union.

Ambassador Madeira expressed his confidence in Lt. Gen. Soubagleh whose leadership and experience, he noted, would be critical in improving capacity for the Somali National Security Forces and boosting security in the country.

“Before coming to AMISOM, Lt. General Soubagleh was the Chief of Staff of the East Brigade. So he has been in leadership for quite some time. He knows how to lead men and women; he knows what men and women need in the battle field. He said he will concentrate his attention on addressing the welfare of his soldiers and this is very important,” said the SRCC.

Lt. General Soubagleh formally assumed office last month, with the key task being to aid Somali National Security Forces maintain security during the forthcoming elections and ensuring the fight against Al-Shabaab terrorists is sustained and more areas liberated among others.

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