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Turkey denies recognizing Somaliland passport

By Tajuddin
Jul 30th, 2016
Turkish Ambassador to Somalia Mr. Olgan Bekar

Turkish Ambassador to Somalia Mr. Olgan Bekar

Mogadishu, Somalia (DIPLOMAT.SO) – The Turkish Ambassador to Somalia Mr. Olgan Bekar has strongly denied reports that his government has officially recognized the passport of Somaliland administration.

Speaking at a press conference in Mogadishu on Saturday, Bekar said Turkey respects the sovereignty and unity of Somalia, ruling out any attempt to recognize Somaliland passport.

Somaliland Administration, which rely on clan quota system under the supervision of so-called political parties is currently going through in the most difficult political, security and economic stages.

Somaliland region in northwest of the country, a self-declared independence and separation from the rest of the territory of Somalia , but Internationally not recognized as state , and knows it as an autonomous region of Somalia.

Mr Bekar has stated that Turkish government will fill the gap of the schools and hospitals vacated by Turkish Nile organization linked to the failed military coup attempt in July 15.

Finally, Turkish Ambassador has thanked Somali federal government for its support and expelling Gulan-linked Nile organization staff from Mogadishu after the coup attempt.

Turkey has built recently in Mogadishu the biggest embassy in African Continent, and it is a bulk supporter to Somali federal government, helping the country rebuild its army and economy.

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