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Tubta Toosan Initiative consults youth on the National P/CVE Strategy for Somalia

By Tajuddin
Jul 30th, 2016
Tubta Toosan Initiative

Tubta Toosan Initiative

Jijiga, Somali region, Ethiopia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Tubta Toosan Initiative with the support of IGAD and Japan conducted a four days training and consultation with over 50 young people from Somalia. The training took place 26 to 29 July 2016 in Jigjiga. The President of the Somali Region H.E. Abdi Mohamud Omar closed the training yesterday 29 July 2016, while the Vice President Suad Ahmed Farah opened the training on 26 July 2016. Senior officials present included the Director of Peace & Security of IGAD, the Director of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Security of the Federal Republic of Somalia, the Director of Youth of the Ministry of Youth and the Chairperson of Somali National Youth Organization.

During the four days in JigJiga, Tubta Toosan Initiatives updated young people on the progress of the inclusive process to devise a comprehensive National Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) Strategy for Somalia and carried out consultation with young people on the first draft of the P/CVE Strategy.

Hon Mustafa Duhulow, CVE Coordinator for Somalia and Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) joined the youth training in Jigjiga on 27 July 2016 to encourage young people to take a leading role to the implementation of the Tubta Toosan Initiative in Somalia. Hon Mustafa Duhulow said “I hugely thank IGAD and Japan for supporting us to provide over 50 young people the four days ToT training on the role of young people towards preventing and countering violent extremism (p/CVE) in Somalia. I also thank President Abdi Mohamud Omar and the people in JigJiga for the warm welcome accorded to us and the last night’s dinner hosted at the State House in JigJiga. Over 70% of our population is youth; therefore, we want young people to take a leading role to the implementation of the Tubta Toosan Initiative in Somalia. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm, energy, commitment and determination of our young people and their desire to help us in the implementation stage of the P/CVE Strategy.”

Tubta Toosan Initiative

Tubta Toosan Initiative

During the four days training in JigJiga, young people were given opportunities to visit various institutions in JigJiga, the capital of the Somali Region and learnt a lot in terms of the development projects underway because of the security and stability that exist in the city. Young people also had opportunity to debate and discuss the first draft of the P/CVE Strategy of Somalia and made necessary comments and feedback, which will be incorporated during the consultation process before the strategy will be finalized in mid September 2016.

Eng. Yarisow also updated young people on the strategic approaches that resulted in the completion of Somalia’s comprehensive P/CVE Strategy and said “The comprehensive P/CVE Strategy of Somalia came as a result of an inclusive process with all stakeholders including representatives from government institutions and all segments of the society such as civil society groups. For the last 10 months Somalia went a rigorous process that ensured to take account of inputs from segments of the society well before the draft of the national P/CVE strategy.”

Hon Mustafa Duhulow, CVE Coordinator for Somalia finally thanked young people and said “Tubta Toosan Initiative is ready to work with young people not only during the implementation stage but also during the consultation process. The strategy recommends the urgent need to establish a civil society hub and we want young people to take a leading role in this too, as Tubta Toosan Initiative wants civil society groups to be independent and that is why the strategy suggests civil society hub that can better coordinate with all civil society groups while having excellent and mutual partnership with the CVE Implementation Platform and government institutions.”

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