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Mali Government extends state of emergency

By Tajuddin
Jul 21st, 2016
Mali's president declares state of emergency

Mali’s president declares state of emergency

Bamako, Mali (Xinhua + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Mali on Wednesday extended a state of emergency for another 10 days as the African country is still plagued by sporadic armed attacks, local media reported.

The decision was made by the country’s council of ministers after the latest terrorist attack in the central city of Nampala on Tuesday, which killed at least 10 soldiers and wounded dozens of others at a military base.

The government also announced a three-day period of mourning for the victims of the Tuesday attack.

Mali declared a state of emergency in November last year, and extended it by three months in April.

In late June, the UN Security Council decided to increase the force level of UN peacekeeping mission in Mali to counter grave security situation provoked by armed groups in the country.

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