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Somalia : Nasiib Bunda, a forgotten fighter (1800-1900’s)

By Tajuddin
Feb 26th, 2016
King Nasib Bundo

King Nasib Bundo

Ache Makangila Ache Zamani aka Nasib Bundo, was the first Somali fighter and the king of Mashunguli clan sought to manage the territory of Jubaland under the rule of Italian colonization.

King Nasib Bundo, the freedom fighter,belongs to the clan of Mashunguli ( Jareer),He was fighting on the outskirts of Juba River, especially in the towns of Jilib and Jamaame, and was a fierce fighter against slavery, and foreign colonialism.

Historians say, the Mashunguli,Jareer and Bantu clans origin from East and West Africa countries have entered Somalia as slave and laborers with Western colonialism, but they have integrated with the Somalis, and became farmers in parts of southern Somalia.

He frequently visited several countries in the region, specially Zanzibar, where he met the rulers of Zanzibar, including the Sultan.

In this photo, King Nasib Bundo had just returned from a visit to Zanzibar in 1911, where he sought a support for for his region, Goshaland or Jubaland.

King Nasib Bundo was later on arrested by the Italian forces, since he opposed the western colonial powers.

King Nasib Bundo died in the Italian prison and its believed that he was poisoned by the colonial powers and the Somali mercenaries.

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