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Dozens of local websites blocked by Somali government

By Tajuddin
Feb 21st, 2016
Somali government ordered blocking dozens of websites

Somali government ordered blocking dozens of websites

Mogadishu,Somalia (DIPLOMAT.SO) – Federal Government of Somalia has successfully imposed an order to restrict and ban dozens of local websites written in Somali language.

Attorney General, Mohamed Dahir submitted their case to the Ministry of Internal Security to block 35 websites widely read after the government has convicted them to propagate misleading and ill-mannered news to the society, SONNA reported.

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of the Federal government of Somalia has ordered internet service providers (ISPs) to block 35 websites. The letter mentions that the websites have been blocked as they violate “morality and decency”.

The scale of this particular restriction towards the targeted websites by the Federal government is unprecedented, and for the first time is regarded a step forward to improving the development of a modern technology in Somalia.

In November last year, The Federal government of Somalia declared to close down any website seen to disseminate an inappropriate as well as very wicked of details of information that does not meet with the requirements of Somali Media Code of law issued January.

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