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AU to enhance support to Somalia

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Feb 20th, 2016
Ambassador Smail Chergui - African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security

Ambassador Smail Chergui – African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – The Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ambassador Smail Chergui, met with partners at the African Union (AU) Commission Headquarters, on 18 February 2016, to discuss enhanced support to the AU Mission in Somalia( AMISOM) and to the Somali National Institutions including the Somali National Security Forces (SNSF). The meeting was attended by Ambassadors and Heads of Diplomatic Missions to the AU, from the following partners, States and institutions: Canada, China, Denmark, EU, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and USA. The United Nations office to the AU and the United Nations support office to Somalia (UNSOS) also attended the meeting.

The meeting took place against the background of the 17th Military Operations Coordination Committee (MOCC) held in Nairobi on 8 February 2016. The MOCC acknowledged successes made by AMISOM but also highlighted the need for enhanced support to AMISOM and to the SNSF in their fight against Al Shabaab and other emerging threats in Somalia.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the partners to exchange views on the situation in Somalia, as well as providing information on the nature and areas of support including bilateral assistance to Somalia so as to promote greater coordination and avoid duplication of efforts. The participants acknowledged progress made in generation of Air Assets for AMISOM and reiterated the urgency of generating additional Force multipliers and enablers in order to enhance AMISOM efficiency.

They stressed the need to have sustainable alternative source of funding to meet AMISOM operational requirements and reiterated their firm commitment to continue to provide support to AMISOM and to the Federal Government of Somalia in terms of funding and logistics, as part of the collective effort of the international community to boost the political process and enhance the security gains in Somalia. They appreciated the initiative taken by the AU to convene a Summit of AMISOM Troops and Police Contributing Countries (TCCs/PCCs) and Somalia on 28 February 2016 in Djibouti, given the critical importance of political direction to the effective implementation of AMISOM mandate and in facilitating the political process in Somalia.

While acknowledging the assistance extended thus far to AMISOM, SNA and SPF, participants underscored the need for enhanced coordination and harmonization of international efforts and initiatives aimed at supporting AMISOM and Somalia. In that respect, they agreed to submit to the AU Commission, prior to the TCC/PCC Summit in Djibouti, respective lists of their engagements and support activities in Somalia, and to meet regularly under the auspices of the AUC to coordinate their action on the ground.

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