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Rwanda Grand Mufti Ibrahim Kayitare warns Muslims against acts of terror

By Tajuddin
Jan 27th, 2016
Rwanda Grand Mufti Ibrahim Kayitare

Rwanda Grand Mufti Ibrahim Kayitare

Kigali,Rwanda (Xinhua + DIPLOMAT.SO)- Rwanda Grand Mufti Ibrahim Kayitare has strongly warned Rwandan Muslim community to stay away from all acts of terrorism that represent incorrect interpretations of Islam.

Kayitare was speaking to reporters on Tuesday following a Saturday incident where a Rwandan Muslim cleric Muhammad Mugemangango, suspected of recruiting youth for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS),was fatally shot by police after he attempted to escape by jumping off a police truck.

“Rwandan Muslim Community is against all acts of terror and I appeal to those with such evil mind to stop, because it’s taking Islam back into the ‘Age of Ignorance’,” he emphasised.

Kayitare noted that the community has distanced itself from Mugemangango’s acts and was very disappointed for what he was up to.

He asked Muslims to make concerted efforts in their individual and collective lives to spread true message of Islam as religion of peace, love and brotherhood.

Kayitare said that Rwandan Muslim Community was working hand in hand with the government of Rwanda security agencies to combat acts of terrorism.

“We stand against Mugemangango regarding his ideology. It is mismatching with Rwanda Muslim Community’s doctrines.”

Before his death, Mugemangango was deputy Imam of Kimironko Mosque in the outskirts of Capital, Kigali.

He was under investigations for mentoring Rwandan youths into Jihad and recruiting them to join Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Investigation continues to establish further details in this case.

Rwanda has not experienced terrorism by any radical groups, however east African neighbours Kenya and Uganda have in the past suffered waves of attacks from Al-Shabaab – the Al Qaeda-affiliated jihadist group based in Somalia.

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