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Somalis in U.S. condemns Al shabaab recruiting video

By Tajuddin
Jan 5th, 2016

Hindia Ali, right, shares a laugh with fellow members of the Young Somali-American Advisory Council at a meeting of the panel in Minneapolis

Hindia Ali, right, shares a laugh with fellow members of the Young Somali-American Advisory Council at a meeting of the panel in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota State, United States of America (Startribune + DIPLOMAT.SO) – More than a dozen Somali and Twin Cities community and religious leaders stood shoulder to shoulder Monday evening, strongly condemning a new terrorist recruiting video as a “desperate attempt” to create hatred, divide Muslims and mainstream Americans, and incite young people into joining militant terror groups.

The 51-minute video, which lionizes three so-called “Minnesota martyrs,” is far “scarier” and more sophisticated than any other recruitment video that Twin Cities Somali leader Abdirizak Bihi has seen since his teenage nephew Burhan Hassan was killed in 2009 after being recruited to join a jihadist group in Somalia a year earlier.

The video seeks to create fear and to disenfranchise Somali-American young people, Bihi said. Along with Bihi’s nephew, the video features two other young men who left the Twin Cities and died after joining the militants’ fight: Farah Beledi and Jamal Bana.

A chunk of the video by the Somalia-based Al-Shabab militant group portrays the U.S. as a country with a long history of institutionalized racism — from slavery to the Ku Klux Klan to recent police killings of young blacks, said Bihi, who has watched the video many times. “The [video’s] message is that America oppresses, and it will never change,” Bihi said.

The video, which includes a clip of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump calling for Muslims to be banned from entering the U.S., presents radical Islam as the solution. But in a resounding show of strength, at least a half-dozen Twin Cities imams warned young people not to be lured by the propaganda and stressed to non-Muslims that the extremists don’t speak for Muslims or represent Islam.

“We reject the video’s message of exploiting the African-American civil rights movement in an attempt to create ethnic and religious divide in the United States,” said Abdisalam Adam, chairman of the Islamic Civic Society of America in Minneapolis. “We call on Muslim youth to reject the trap of being lured into or recruited by extremist groups like Al-Shabab. We call on the youth to be proud of their religious identity as an American-Muslim.”

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