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#Somalia : Ugaas Abdirahman dies of heart attack in Beledweyne

By Tajuddin
Jan 3rd, 2016
Ugaas Abdirahman Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble

Ugaas Abdirahman Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble

Beledweyne, Hiiraan region , Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Ugaas Abdirahman Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble,Sultan and leader one of the largest Somali clans, died on Sunday morning of a heart attack at age 61.

The prominent Sultan of Hawadle clan dropped dead while leading reconciliation conference ( Samadoon II) in Beledweyne city, the capital of Hiiraan region in central Somalia.

Ugaas Abdirahman has organized a community meeting to fundraise the rebuilding of Beledweyne airport this week.

Prime minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke extends his condolences to the bereaved family of Ugaas Abdirahman and the Somali peopel.

Somali Prime Minister said “will always remember his strong role in peace efforts, mediation and reconciliation between the Somali clans to achieve stability”

President of the Republic of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh has offered his sincere condolences to the Somali people. He prayed to Allah Almighty to rest Ugaas Abdirahman’s soul in eternal peace, and bestow patience and solace on his family and relatives.Ugaas Abdirahman made major contributions to the development and peace process of Somalia.

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud expressed his sincere condolences and sympathy to the Somali people and to the families of Ugaas Abdirahman .

Somali president highly valued the precious sacrifices made by Ugaas Abdirahman in the service of the nation and homeland.

The president said in a statement ” Ugaas Abdirahman was a leader for peace , national reconciliation and gave his life to the Somali people in order to stabilize and peaceful coexistence”.

Members of the Federal Parliament , government institutions,chieftains of Somali clans and officials have offered condolences.

Ugaas Abdirahman Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble - A man of peace and reconciliation

Ugaas Abdirahman Ugaas Khalif Ugaas Roble – A man of peace and reconciliation

Ugaas Abdirahman , was a university graduate in veterinary science from the Somali National University, and he was enthroned as the Sultan ( Ugaas) of Hawadle clan after his father’s death in 2000.

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