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Federalism in #Somalia ignites fire of division and infighting

By Tajuddin
Dec 26th, 2015
Somali President and his Prime Minister as well as the leaders of provincial governments, such as Galmudug, Puntland, South west and Jubaland

Somali President and his Prime Minister as well as the leaders of provincial governments, such as Galmudug, Puntland, South west and Jubaland

Mogadishu , Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Some elders of several clans in Somalia, has rejected the federal approach which is fueling infighting among Somalis, describing it as movable and dumped idea from Ethiopia.

The current interim constitution, which stipulates federalism did not get the support of the Somali people , and has not been subjected to a referendum.

Despite all this, the Federal government of Somalia with the support of the United Nations, European Union and IGAD is trying to extend this system, which weakens the strength, unity and integration of the people , which makes tribalism as bloody shaft and borders separates between neighbors and loved ones and even pasture and shopping.

Ali Hassan Kulow , a senior clan elder in southern Somalia said ( We do not accept to divide our country into small tribal states, we are not such as Ethiopia or Nigeria, we the people of Somalia belongs to one race, one religion (Islam) and one language ( Somali), we are united on each side.

Bloody conflicts on federalism in Somalia

Conflict between Puntland State and Galmudug State over the fate of Galkayo city and other residential districts of Mudug province officially unsolved.

Local authorities belonging to some Somali clans may arise and formed in the name of federalism, but caused the shedding innocent blood, as happened in November 2015 in Galkayo, where the population of the south and north of the divided city was forced to resort to arid areas.

Some of the Somali politicians living in optimism, but people have a different opinion.

Some of the Somali leaders are ignoring the right thing that the federal not suitable for a country like Somalia.

Crack in the federal system

Southwest authorities in a state of collapse, after the formation of a unilateral management in three towns in the province of Bakool .

Southwest administration consists of three provinces, including Lower shabelle , Baay and Bakool .

The leader of Southwest State Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden faces pressure from some clans , but his tribe refuses to share power with other tribes residing in these provinces.

Jubaland State led by former warlord Ahmed Mohamed Islam ( Madoobe) facing pressure more stringent than other local administrations.

Jubaland administration is composed of three provinces, including Lower Juba , Middle Juba and Gedo .

Ahmed Madoobe leads this provincial administration in the port city of Kismayo, with the support of Kenyan military and tanks, and can not move or extend his influence in other provinces.

These three provinces are home to the most Somali clans, but Ahmed Madoobe confirmed that these regions are home to his ancestors !!

However, the clan elders say that this false allegations are far from the truth.

Middle Juba province, still under the administration of Al shabaab .

The inhabitants of this province have declared previously dissatisfaction in Jubaland administration, a local system to one tribe ( In the words of elders) .

Analysts say that this province is a ticking bomb of Jubaland administration .

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