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#Egypt plans to address the conflict with #Ethiopia about the Renaissance Dam

By Tajuddin
Dec 9th, 2015
Presidency spokesperson Alaa Youssef

Presidency spokesperson Alaa Youssef

Cairo,Egypt ( Agencies + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Egypt began implementing an alternative plan to successfully hold the tripartite meeting on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which was postponed to 11 and 12 December.

Egypt is planning to follow alternative scenarios and suggestions that have not been issued before, to tackle disputes regarding the dam.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met on Tuesday with the representatives of the Ethiopian public diplomatic delegation, Herut Wel Mariam, the vice-president of Addis Ababa University, and the former president of the Chamber of Commerce in Addis Ababa, Mulu Solomon, in the presence of the Ethiopian ambassador in Cairo.

Presidency spokesperson Alaa Youssef said in press statements that Al-Sisi welcomes the activation of the office of Egyptian-Ethiopian relations because it represents a mechanism for direct communication between the two countries.

Youssef said Al-Sisi highlighted, during the meeting, Egypt’s commitment to reaching a consensus with the Ethiopian side on all issues, in light of the historical relations linking the two countries, taking into account the importance of listening to the concerns of each party and dealing with them positively, to expand common benefits.

Meanwhile, Hani Raslan, an expert on Sudan and Nile Basin affairs at Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, said Egypt’s efforts on the dam issue are ineffective. He told Daily News Egypt that the dispute taking place between the two countries has been pending for a long time and the solutions cannot be applied with just talks.

Raslan believes Egypt is behind in terms of tackling the issue, as Ethiopia has benefits wishes it wants to achieve no matter what. Therefore Egypt needs to provide a real solution, not studies, he said.

Raslan noted that there is already communication between the two countries, but the problem is that there are conflicts of interest and they require balance.

The tripartite meeting between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan’s foreign ministers and ministers of irrigation to discuss the GERD will be held on 11 December. Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia are set to discuss contingency plans in the absence of an agreement between the firms that were chosen to study the effect of the dam, which would include choosing new ones and restarting the selection process.

The three countries previously formed a committee to select a consultancy firm to assess the impact of the dam on Sudan’s and Egypt’s water supply.

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2 Responses to “#Egypt plans to address the conflict with #Ethiopia about the Renaissance Dam”

  1. Wuba says:

    OMG EGYPT, LISTEN, how many times do we have to tell u, its just electricity and electricity does not consume water.
    We do not negotiate on our dam construction. we need to use the river abay (nile) as u guys do, since Ethiopian highlands contribute 85 % of the river flow.
    As Ethiopian we all need to see our dam finished and start electricity.

  2. Ras Juda8 says:

    `How selfish can Egypt be and why does Ethiopia waste time talking to them in the first place. The high Aswan dam has 3 years of Nile water in it, 180 billion meter cube! It evaporates 10 billion meter cube yearly. All this irritating talk about GERD is based on what? Ethiopia, please allocate 1 million hectors of land along the Nile in your country to your people so they can irrigate and farm from from the Nile to fight the hunger your people are facing. Has Egypt given you a grain of rice? No, But they want every drop of water from your high lands for free. Its your water, let arrogant Arabs match all the way to lake Tana to patrol every yard along the bank and prevent Ethiopian farmers from using the water. This ungratefulness is too much, you must stop it hence forth. Arabs are racists and will always want to hurt Africans, give it to them without measure.