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#Ethiopia detains terror suspects,#ISIS to announce an armed branch in East Africa

By Tajuddin
Oct 31st, 2015

Islamic State goals as released by ISIS Twitter Feed

Islamic State goals as released by ISIS Twitter Feed

Addis Ababa , Ethiopia ( Agencies + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Ethiopian authorities have arrested a group of suspects belonging to the radical group of Islamic State (IS), who apparently sought to declare an ISIS-linked province in Ethiopia, an official told reporters on Wednesday.

This is the first time Ethiopians disclose the existence of ISIS extremists in their country.

“Our security forces were able to arrest a group of 20 Islamic state suspects, trying to establish an Islamic autonomy in Ethiopia,” Ethiopian Prosecutor Tedros Bahro said on Wednesday.

“The hardline group was trying to carry out terrorist attacks to destabilize our country’s security,” he added.

Bahro expressed concerns, saying the militants were active in some areas of Oromiya, Jima, Laqqa, Chourabi, Khamisi, the Somali region and the Ethiopian Jiqjiqa area.

“Islamic state -linked sleeper cells are active in the territory of southern Ethiopia,” he said.

According to the prosecutor, the extremist group leads its members from its headquarters in kolfi Qranyo area in ​​the capital Addis Ababa, and that they were “plundering the citizens’ money” in the Jima district of Oromiya region.

According to confidential sources, the Islamic state is planning to expand its influence in the three regions in Ethiopia, which could threaten the stability of the entire region after Somalia’s Shebab militants refused to join this radical group.

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