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Somalia’s Shebab beheads and executes suspects for spying

By Tajuddin
In Local News
May 28th, 2015
An old fighter from Al shabaab militants

An old fighter from Al shabaab militants

Dinsor, Bay region , Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Somalia’s militant group Al-Shabaab has publicly executed four people who were allegedly blamed for spying in its strongholds, militant officer said on Monday.

The persecution took place in Dinsor district in Bay region, southern Somalia where hundreds of inhabitants gathered to watch the event.

This came as Al-Shabaab said their fighters have killed about 25 Kenyan police officers in ambush attack happened in Yumbis village some 70km north of Garissa.

Al-Shabaab’s local Islamic court in Dinsor accused the suspects of being spy for the Somalia and Kenyan government.

The judge told the public in the square that the men themselves confessed the guilty of being informers for the intelligences of Somalia and Kenya.

The beheaded men were Ali Muse Ali 26 age, Hassan Adawe 24 age, Ukash Ali 39 age and Mohamed Nor Soyal 40 age. Unconfirmed reports say the men were members of Al-Shabaab.

Earlier, Al-Shabaab carried out such executions on suspects who were alleged for guiding the American drones that killed senior Al-Shabaab members.

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