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Eritrea says more than 2,820 Somali refugees living in camps

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Feb 9th, 2015
UNHCR : Somali refugee makes most of education opportunity in Eritrea

UNHCR : Somali refugee makes most of education opportunity in Eritrea

Asmara , Eritrea ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – According to some Eritrean Websites , The Eritrean Ministry of National Development, UNHCR and the Office of Refugee Affairs (ORA) signed an agreement to ensure international protection for 2,820 Somali refugees in the Umkulu camp in Eritrea in January.

The partnership project agreement was signed last month covering international protection, food security, shelter, camp coordination and management, community empowerment and self reliance.

By the end of this month the UNHCR expects the completion of six additional permanent shelters and one new warehouse. Once completed, six more households will be allocated with new permanent houses in the camp enabling refugees to get their food rations directly from the camp warehouse instead of relying on refuge camp representatives.

According to UNHCR Eritrea, this will help to assure that daily minimum nutrition requirements are met.

The Government of Eritrea through the Office of Refugee Affairs manages the Umkulu Refugee camp and is the sole implementing partner. In cooperation the UNHCR aims to deliver protection and assistance to refugees of the camp.

Monthly meetings at central level will assure that technical issues are discussed and implemented if required, UNHCR Eritrea said.

To assure self-reliance the camp’s Woman Association will be strengthened through funding and computer training will be provided to help refugees develop their computer skills to keep up with job market demands.

The UNHCR also provided environmental cooking stoves funded by the Swiss Embassy in Khartoum to facilitate access to energy in the camp.

UNHCR Eritrea also conducted the successful auction of three vehicles adhering to the requirements of the Global Fleet Management to gradually replace the old fleet by the end of 2015.

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