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Sources : Somaliland administration supplied weapons to militants

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Jan 30th, 2015
Somaliland region in northwest of Somalia

Berbera Port , Somaliland region in northwest of Somalia

Mogadishu ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – According to security reports, the Somaliland Administration in northwestern Somalia involved in arming Al shabaab terrorist militias in the highlands and a series Goolis Mountains in northern Somalia, which may destabilize regions of northeastern Somalia ( Puntland State ) and parts in Somali region of Ethiopia’s federal authorities.

Somaliland region in northwest of the country, a self-declared independence and separation from the rest of the territory of Somalia , but Internationally not recognized as state , and knows it as an autonomous region of Somalia.

Reports say that a ship carrying a variety of military equipment and ammunition is in the port city of Berbera, which turn out to be an incubator for terrorists.

The sources add that the officers of Ethiopian military intelligence tried to enter the port or access to the ship, but was prevented, as some international investigators from the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea were repulsed and ordered to go back to their hotels in Hargeisa.

Until now, no adequate information about this ship,which carrying weapons and explosives, and did not know whether had been filled and packaged from Eritrea or the United Arab Emirates or Sudan or Yemen or the Ukraine.

Somaliland administration did not allow Journalists and photographers in the area to cover the arms shipment and the extent of the danger to peace and security.

Security Minister of Puntland State of Somalia Hassan Osman Alore has accused Somaliland of importing the ships in defiance to the UN’s 1992 Somalia arms embargo.

“We report the development to Somalia Federal Government and neighboring countries,” said Alore.

Mr. Alore has also blamed Somaliland for aiding the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab group by letting their members and families freely live and roam in Somaliland, warning the arms would fall into the hands of the terrorist group.

“Those arms consignment can prompt a new conflict between the two administrations,” added Puntland Minister who denied reports that the seized arms ship was chartered for Puntland.

In January 1992 Security Council Resolution 733 established an arms embargo on Somalia in reaction to the ongoing conflict and deteriorating humanitarian situation. This Resolution was unanimously adopted.

In March 2014 Security Council Resolution 2142 reaffirmed the overall arms embargo on Somalia and extended the provisions related to arms supplies to the Somali government until 25 October 2014.

In October 2014 Security Council Resolution 2182 reaffirmed the overall arms embargo on Somalia and extended the provisions related to arms supplies to the Somali government until 30 October 2015. It also authorised for a period of 12 months states to inspect in Somali waters or on the high seas vessels bound for Somalia which they have reasonable grounds to believe are carrying weapons to Somalia in violation of the arms embargo.

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