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Al shabaab kidnapped dozens of Somali farmers near Baidoa

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Jan 27th, 2015
Al shabaab fighters

Al shabaab fighters

Baidao, Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Somalia’s Al Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab militants have kidnapped dozens of civilians for ransom amid severe setback on the frontline and dire economic situation in a few strongholds in central and southern Somalia.

The kidnap occurred after militants in fighting vehicles poured into Goof-Gadud village which lies some 20km from Bay regional capital of Baidoa.

Local official, Ahmed Mohamed Adan said that 43 people, almost all nomads and farmers are in the hands of the Al-Shabaab terrorists. “The 43 people are being held for $500 ransom, they are innocent civilians,” noted Adan, calling for their unconditional release.

He also called on Somalia Federal Government and Southwest State administration to take part in any campaign that would set the locals free.

Somali militants group lost many sources of income in intense military campaign.

In late 2014 UN Security Council ordered inspection of Gulf-bound ships following a concern over the illegal charcoal trade.

Al Shabaab is believed to have benefited from the illicit trade, forging partnership with profiteers and allegedly selling charcoal to Mideast markets.

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