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Somali army thwarts attack from Al shabaab in Hiran region

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Dec 31st, 2014
Somali National Army

Somali National Army

Beledweyne , Capital of Hiran region , Central Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Somali national army backed by AMISOM peacekeeping troops has repulsed Al Shabaab militant group attack near Bula-Burte town in Hiran region.

The join troops were on a mission to remove siege by Al Shabaab militant group on Burweyn town 30 kilometers to Bula-Burte town.

According to Bula-burte mayor Osman Gedi Elmi joint forces repulsed Al Shabaab militants attack to the forces.
He said two militants were killed during the attack.

Al Shabaab has imposed sanctions on the area following there lose of strategic town Bula Burte on March 2014.

The group siege has created devastating effect on the lives of the people in the area since vehicles transporting food and other basic items were not allowed in.

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