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Somalia’s President praises Sierra Leone troops of AMISOM

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Dec 18th, 2014
President of Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

President of Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Kismayo , Lower Juba province, Somalia ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – The President of Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud speaking at a farewell ceremony for 850 Sierra Leonean troops leaving the country has commended the AMISOM battalion for their courage and dedication while serving the AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

He said that the troops had no political or economic agenda whatsoever in Somalia and that they had the best interest of Somalia at heart, he said their sole aim was to stabilize Somalia.

The president pointed out the similarities between the two states in terms of the civil war, and that Sierre Leone is an exemplary for Somalia.

While commenting about the Ebola outbreak in that country, which was the main course for troops to leave Somalia in its entirety, the president offered his condolences to those who lost their loved ones to the virus, and committed that Somalia will stand with the people of Sierra Leone in the hard times.

“I always said and I will say it again, the best give one can give to someone else is to sacrifice his life, and that is what these troops have done, and we owe them too much” President Hassan said at the ceremony in Kismayo, where the troops were based.

Ahmed Mohamed Islam ” Madobe”, the head of the Interim Jubba Administration applauded what he termed as the heroic actions of the Sierra Leonean troops serving in the AMISOM peacekeeping mission in Somalia. He said they conducted themselves with the best code of conduct and had good relationship with the locals “They even shared their daily rations with the disadvantaged citizens of this country” Ahmed said.

He hoped that Kismayo would be the twin sister of Free Town, the capital city of Sierra Leone.

The commander of Sierra Leone troops Mr. Alio said he was disheartened to leave Somalia but wished the country best luck.

According to the commander there was only one soldier killed in a action and six others wounded.

Sierra Leone troops pulled out the country under difficult situation happening back home, the outbreak of Ebola disease has made impossible for the troops to be exchanged with others.

Residents of Juba provinces requesting troops from Burundi and Uganda

Residents of Lower Juba province , Middle Juba province and Gedo province are refusing of the deployment of new troops from Ethiopia and Kenya in Kismayo city , which may cause serious problems between Somalia’s warring tribes in this region.

People in this region live in state of fear of hostile plans and hidden agendas hatched from these countries to ignite sedition among Somalis.

Do not yet know the new forces, which will replace the military camps and functions of the departing forces of Sierra Leone, which had a significant activity in Kismayo and its environs

Residents in in this region requesting peace keepers of non-hostile countries like Burundi and Uganda instead of Ethiopia and Kenya.

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