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Thorny differences between Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West ( Photos)

By Tajuddin
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Nov 30th, 2014
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Los Angeles ( Agencies + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Reality television star Kim Kardashian, 34, reportedly spent Thanksgiving away from husband and rapper Kanye West, 37. According to a tweet Kardashian posted Thursday, she spent the holiday with family in Los Angeles while West dined in Paris at Ralph Lauren Restaurant in the Latin quarter. West and Kardashian have been married since May. A number of rumors have hinted the couple is quickly heading for divorce.

Kardashian tweeted she spent the holiday with sister Khloe Kardashian and family.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with baby in Bed Room

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with baby in Bed Room

Kardashian gave birth to baby North last year in June, and married West less than a year later. There have been ample rumors about the couple’s demise from a number of sources, and reports say West has even threatened to take the couple’s baby and move to Paris.

“Kim and Kanye are arguing more than ever,” a source told . “Kim feels like their relationship is more of a business relationship than a real marriage. All they do is talk about business whenever they’re together and it’s stressing Kim out more than it ever has before.”

For weeks, there have been reports of trouble between the couple, including a witness who saw Kim entering the offices of a popular divorce attorney a few weeks ago. But the situation appears to have grown worse around the holiday, with reports that Kanye West decided to spent Thanksgiving in Paris.

A sources say that Kanye was upset about a recent trip that Kim took to Dubai, believing there may have been some “funny business” during the trip. Others say that Kanye wants to take daughter North West and move to Paris.


If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are headed for divorce, there are is a good chance that it turns ugly. Kanye is reportedly hanging on to an embarrassing secret that he could reveal if things take a turn.

Some US Entertainment websites noted the following.

“The couple has been arguing over this for the past few months, which is likely when the divorce speculation began. Now, after a recent report from Radar Online that stated Kanye was holding a very naughty secret about Kim over her head, CDL has cracked the code and can offer more details about the hidden threesome that reportedly involved Kim, Kanye, and a famous celebrity. While the name of the third party was not revealed in the original story, CDL did a little digging and we believe we’ve discovered exactly who was involved in the tawdry sex-romp. Kanye is using the secret threesome against Kim and really has her against the wall on this one.”

But there are others trying to steer Kim Kardashian and Kanye West away from divorce as well. Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, reportedly feels it will ruin her daughter’s career if she were to divorce again.

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