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Unidentified gunmen killed police and kenyan civilians in Turkana county

By Tajuddin
Nov 2nd, 2014

Kenyan Police

Nairobi ( Agencies + DIPLOMAT.SO) — Heavily armed Gunmen have killed at least 8 Kenyan policemen in an ambush attack occurred on Saturday in Turkana county in the north-west of east African Country, Police said.

Kenyan police said in a statement that unknown gunmen with AK-47 rifle assaults have attacked vehicle carrying 20 officers between Kapedo and Lokori areas as they traveling to the site of an earlier attack on police that killed three.

Two civilians were among the dead while another 12 officers were missing and feared dead following the gun attack by the armed men who later escaped from the scene, police said.

David Mwole Kimaiyo, the Inspector General of the Kenya Police said that they have sent to the site to assist security force members with hunting down of the attackers. No group has so far climed credit for the attack.

He said that the motive for the attack and the identities of the attackers are yet unclear, but police forces launched an operation to find out exact circumstances of the raid.

“At least 8 policemen were killed in the attack and there are 12 officers who were feared dead. We are still pursuing the attackers who are hiding in the area and they will arrested and brought to the justice,” said Kimaiyo.

Investigation is underway as police recovered 8 lifeless bodies in the area and 12 officers still missing and presumed dead. The attack becomes the deadliest in the region. November 2012, 42 police officers killed in Baragoi, a market town in Kenya, lying north of Maralal and east of the Suguta Valley.

Kenya is hit by deadly attacks, including blasts and shootings against police, military personnel and aid workers since Nairobi sent its troops to the neighbouring Somalia in 2011 to root out Al Qaeda-linked militant group of Al shabaab.

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