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Israeli company to supply Kenya bio ID system

By Tajuddin
Nov 2nd, 2014

bio ID system in Kenya

Nairobi ( Haaretz + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Kenyan government hopes move will beef up security as it struggles to contain Somali insurgents

An unspecified Israeli company will implement a biodata identification system in Kenya, a move aimed to ease the country’s struggle with terrorism.

Kenya has been hit by a string of mostly bomb and grenade attacks in recent months blamed on Somalia’s Shebab Islamist insurgents.

“The Israeli company was chosen because of the track record Israel has on security services,” Mwende Gatabaki, director-general of the Kenya Citizens and Foreign National Management Service, was quoted by the Haaretz website as saying.” The reason for the National Digital Registry Service is the increase in insecurity, especially after the Westgate attack.”

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