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Demonstrations against Djiboutian forces in Somalia to support a minority clan

By Tajuddin
Oct 19th, 2014


Beledweyne,Hiran Region ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – Hundreds of protesters with placards took into the streets of Beledweyne, the Capital of Hiran region on Sunday.

The protesters are against the intervention of African Union peace-keeping troops to end the clan clashes in Deefow and Kabhanley localities .


Gunfire was heard across the town as AMISOM troops, Djiboutian forces opened fire on the protesters, no casualties reported so far.


The federal government of Somalia has formed a committee comprising of ministers to bring the sides into the negotiation table and resolve their differences. The committee immediately called the clan militias to cease fire.

This mass rally in the town comes a time when some elders who held press conference on Thursday after the formation of the committee blamed some of the ministers among the committee of inciting the clan clashes in the region.


The administration of Hiran region has declined to comment about the ongoing mass rally in Beledweyne.

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