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appeals to release Journalists of Radio Shabelle,Somalia

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Oct 19th, 2014

Somali Journalists

Mogadishu ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – The administration of Radio Shabelle and other journalists who held press conference in Mogadishu on Sunday urged the federal government of Somalia to unconditionally release the Four journalists of Shabelle Media Network detained in Mogadishu Central prison.

The director of Radio Shabelle Mohamed Muse demanded the federal government to bring the journalists before court, among the detained journalist is the owner of Shabelle media network Abdimalik Yusuf.

Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah Dulyar, one of the journalists said the long detention of Shabelle and Sky FM workers has disappointed the journalist in the country and advised the government to forget about the past and free the journalists.

Recently Somali Attorney general Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir stated that the journalist of Shabelle media network will soon be brought before court to face justice after their case is completed and delivered to the attorney’s office adding that the government has the rights of keeping the accused in jail for more than 48 hours before the person is brought to court if the need arise.

He warned the media outlets that exaggerate the arrest of Shabelle and Sky FM employees by the government.

The federal government of Somalia accused Shabelle and SKY for incitement after Somali national forces and AMISOM launched disarmament operation in the Capital which led to clashes between Somali forces together with AMISOM and former warlord Ahmed Hassan Adow “Ahmed Dai”.

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