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Somali President: I welcome the agreement with Puntland State

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Oct 16th, 2014

Somali President Hassan Sheikh

Mogadishu ( DIPLOMAT.SO) – yesterday, the Federal Government of Somalia and the State of Puntland signed an agreement to resume relations and work together to build a federal state. I welcome this agreement and congratulate everyone for their willing and constructive input.

We have been through many difficult years as a nation. Inclusive political settlement, built upon nationally-led reconciliation activities and Somali – Somali dialogue, is the way forward to ensuring a peaceful, stable Somalia.

I recognize the impressive work Puntland has achieved over the past 16 years as it has strengthened and built the capacities of its state institutions. Puntland has much to contribute to building a strong, democratic and united Somalia.

Over the past two years, Somalia has made significant political progress, but we must do more. Vision 2016 sets out the goals and means of our political transformation. In the coming weeks, I expect progress on a number of key issues: the formation of the Boundaries and Federalism Commission and the National Election Commission. We must endorse the structures that will allow the Federal Government to continue reaching out to interim and emerging states through broad consultations as the federal state formation process continues. I expect the work to review and implement our Federal Constitution to gain speed as we prepare ourselves for legitimate and inclusive elections in 2016.

Today, as a nation, we have taken a positive step forward and I ask that we stand united for a better future.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

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