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Grace Gelder: I married myself

By Tajuddin
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Oct 11th, 2014
Grace Gelder says organising a ceremony 'centred on herself' and making personal vows was empowering

Grace Gelder says organising a ceremony ‘centred on herself’ and making personal vows was empowering

London ( Agencies + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Many women say they have always wanted to get married but have never found the right man.
Now a 31-year-old filmmaker from London has got around the problem but tying the knot to herself.
Grace Gelder had been single for six years when she decided to organise the unorthodox ceremony on her own.

She proposed to herself on a park bench, bought a ring and a dress and invited all of her friends to watch her make her vows.

Ms Gelder told the Guardian: ‘The day was obviously centred on me, the final event being a mirror for me to kiss, but it also felt like I was sharing something very special with my friends, giving everyone an opportunity to reflect on their own ideas of love and commitment.

‘I had one friend in her 50s who said it was one of the best weddings she’d ever been to.’

Ms Gelder says she was partly inspired by the Bjork song, Isobel, which includes the lyric: ‘I’m Isobel, married to myself.’

She admitted at the time she decided to hold the event, a relationship with another person ‘seemed like too much hard work’.

Thinking about the song lyric while sitting on a bench overlooking London in a romantic part of Parliament Hill last November, she decided to pop the question.

She said her parents ‘took it in their stride’ and her grandmother, who has since died, told her she ‘always thinks of something new’.

Despite some friends commenting that the idea was ‘a bit narcissistic’, others welcomed the plan and another pal who has recently qualified as a celebrant agreed to officiate.

After Ms Gelder overcame pre-wedding doubts, 50 people attended the ceremony in a rural farmhouse in Devon, which was donated by a friend for the occasion.

They witnessed her complete a number of traditions, including making vows to herself, put a ring on her finger and throw a bouquet over her head.

Her sister was the only family member present for the event, due to logistical reasons.

Although her wedding is not recognised in the eyes of the law, she hopes her ‘incredibly empowering’ actions will inspires other single men and women.

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