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AMISOM congratulates Somalis on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Oct 4th, 2014

Lydia Wanyoto Mutende

Mogadishu ( DIPLOMAT.SO)- The Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (DSRCC) for Somalia, Hon. Lydia Wanyoto Mutende extends very warm wishes to the Somali people as they prepare to celebrate Eid Al-Adha.

The DSRCC congratulates all Somalis upon completion of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest sites and as they celebrate this very important day in a relatively peaceful Somalia.

“On behalf of AMISOM, I wish all our Somali brothers and sisters happy Eid celebrations. Eid ul-Adha commemorates Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of submission to God. It therefore provides an opportunity for all to reflect on religious values and the importance of humility, which I believe is key in making this world a better place for all of us to live in and generations to come,” said Hon. Lydia Wanyoto Mutende.

The Deputy SRCC further recognizes the significant contribution made by AMISOM’s Muslim troops to the mission in general, and specifically, in the ongoing Operation Indian Ocean, that seeks to liberate more Somalis from the terror of al-Shabaab.

“To the people of Somalia and Muslims around the world, I wish you all a blessed and joyful celebration,” added Hon. Wanyoto.“Eid Mubarak.”

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