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Somali Army backed by AMISOM seize Adale district

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Oct 2nd, 2014


Jowhar (DIPLOMAT.SO) – Somali National Army (SNA) with the support of African Union troops in Somalia on Wednesday seized Adale district and several nearby villages in Middle Shabelle region according to Somali government officials.

The spokesman of the Middle Shabelle regional administration, Daud Haji Irro said the allied forces seized the town along with coastal villages of Haji Ali Kogar and Addow-ul on Wednesday morning.

He added the forces captured the town and the other villages without armed resistance after al Shabaab forces abandoned their positions as the allied forces advanced towards the area.

He vowed the military campaign against al Shabaab militant group will continue until the militants are driven out of their remaining strongholds in the region.

Meanwhile, the spokesman said residents in the newly liberated areas are facing huge challenges including drought and famine.

He urged the federal government and the relief agencies in the country to provide much needed humanitarian assistance to the affected families in the region.

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